CISC437 ECE Workflow

Using your ECE / EE/CIS account you will be able to serve data to the world (at least the UDel world since these sites are only public to udel networks). On the machine you have node and npm installed. We have 100 ports for the class to broadcast on and I'm given each of you 4 ports, shown below. Also you will have /usb/usernamehere/ which will be a publically hosted folder that can be accessed from This folder serves PHP out of the box. On we have MySQL running and each of you have been given complete control of one database: udelemailhere. Your login for MySQL is your UDel email (without the part) and your password is that email backwards (again without ude.leDU@). By the way you are lucky to be at a university with a palindromic domain name!

How to run your stuff

  1. SSH into
  2. type bash (this is a preference but the default shell sucks, you will need to exit twice when you are done though)
  3. For PHP APIs cd /usb/eecisname (tab complete won't work sorry) in there should be a folder called public_html
  4. For NodeJS APIs you will each have 4 ports to broadcast on, for instance my first project port is 47476. My Node application should listen on that port.
  5. I can call my Node server by visiting
  6. You can connect to the mysql server from the command line using: mysql -h orioles1 -u youremailname -p youremailname password is youremailname backwards.
  7. If you run into problems, email me, visit the ECE/CIS help wiki, or open a ticket
  8. If running node (or python or ruby on rails) I recommend using a process manager like forever. npm install forever then /path/to/forever start /path/to/server.js and it will never fall asleep again.

Port numbers for each project